Thursday, 27 January 2011

Work progresses

Hello - it's been a while, but then in-between you wouldn't have seen much more than different wavy lines appearing!  Now though - I have moved on to the body, and have made good progress with the foreleg which depicts a scene from the woods of Lothlorien and the the flower Sam Gamgee (and my mother) names his daughter after - elanor!  I'm not sure on the reception of my green  leg - one woman yesterday came up laughing nervously as she noted his leg was green!  It's all part of the Tolkien theme though, and I think when it's all complete it will look OK.

So, to get you up to date - the waves took some time, I think my inspiration was waning a little.  But determined to get to a sensible finish with them, I persevered.  It felt great though to move on to the body, which has had a couple of coats of a pale brown/dun colour over the back, sides and onto the tops of the legs.  I've also given him a relatively ordinary tail.  I used the paint much wetter on the foreleg to try and blend it to the background colour - it sort of worked, but I need to do some work on it yet.  Still, I'm pleased with the main flower - and below you can see for yourself.

Hopefully progress will continue to pick up pace now - it's difficult though just being at the Miramar for a couple of hours 3 - 4 times a week.  Still, it's all good - as it's still great fun to work there and quietly do a little people watching as I paint :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mane Stream!

Happy New Year!  Finally I am back to painting 'Si' - and it's good to be back :)

Yesterday I mostly patched up damage from children climbing on him over the Christmas holidays!  There were quite a few scratches - some deep - but worse are the scuffs from rubber soled shoes as these leave behind some of the rubber which doesn't take the paint very well :((  I will just have to keep going over them I suppose - one of the dangers of painting, and keeping the object, in a public space.

That aside - I've been getting back in tune with the project and today added the 'mane' stream down the middle of his mane.  I wasn't sure at first how to approach the top of the mane, but somehow the patterns seem to just form naturally as I begin to paint.  I suppose it's all about having that initial boldness, the rest just kind of follows on.

I would like to get the rest of the waves filled in in the next couple of visits now as I'm itching to get on to the body - it varies as to how many people come to talk to me, as to how long I get each time really - though I do like the conversation and that's all part of the project too - to bring awareness of the lions and why we are doing this.  Might have to get down there earlier tomorrow :)