Friday, 4 March 2011

I'm still painting - honest!

I've been very lax at writing this blog - but that does mean that you will see lots of new stuff now as it's been so long!  The map is pretty much finished, some of the characters are coming to life.  There's a way to go, but there is definite progress.

This pic shows part of the map - with my nod to the locality and the boat that takes those who have chosen to go into the west.  Also the sea now has some colour - which was added during a wake!

This is the beginning's of a scene from Hobbiton, with much to be done yet!

I added Galadriel on the shoulder above her woods - Lothlorien!  She stands by her silver basin in which she can see images by using her magic ring.

And - Gollum!  He now has some paint - he had just been a sketch for a few weeks.  think he needs some tweaking, but otherwise I am quite pleased with the progress - will try to take wider shots for next time :)

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  1. wow, it looks really good. Love the map and characterisations.