Thursday, 21 April 2011

The lion is complete!

I must appologise for the lack of updates - but I haven't had much time as I've been busy finishing Silmiramarillion!  (BTW if you are looking for info through Pride in Bournemouth, his name there is just Silmarillion.)

I finished my stint at the Miramar with a 6 hour painting day on the 1st April - which was quite exhausting.  The following Monday the lion was moved to the lion's den where I patched up some scratches and painted on 3 coats of varnish.  It was amazing to finish - and I have clocked up 107 hours since I started painting in early December.  This is mostly due to only working a couple of hours at a time - and the large learning curve to painting on a large 3D object!

Still, it was all worthwhile as I enjoyed the whole process and feel a little more like a proper artist now (only a little mind!).  Here are a few images (lots were out of focus sadly):

The Nazgûl flies it's ancient beast

The beginning's of Hobbiton

 Gwaihir fly's over a scene of the fellowship of travellers

Gandalf tells Frodo about the magic ring of power - poem below

Front view of a proud and completed SilmarilLion

I hope you have enjoyed following this project - its not quite over and I will post some more about what old 'Si' gets up to over the summer - and hopefully some nice pics from his launch party :)

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  1. looks great and looking forward to seeing him in the flesh