Monday, 6 December 2010

The Mane base colour goes on!

It was great to get back to the Miramar today and continue with the painting.  I spent some time tidying up the face and painting the ears, then putting whites in the eyes - not typical lion eyes I might add - they will be more human when finished.  My daughter asked if they could be blue like hers and mine, so blue they will be - this will reflect the wavy theme of the mane nicely I hope, which has now had it's base colour added.

Quite a few people came up to say hello today, including the managers mother.  It's so lovely that people are taking an interest in the project - hopefully the word will be spreading and the project will grow - it would be great to have the town over-run by the lions next summer.

Anyway - here is the result of today's efforts - progress - but so much more to do.  Roll on the next painting day :)

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